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Montessori British School

The Transport department brings together a highly qualified group of drivers.

The school possesses a fleet of vehicles that meet all the requirements of school transport. It also relies on private vehicles that feature the logos of the Institution. In addition, there are public service vehicles (white and green) that support daytrips and excursions.

A previously verified group of external vans—compliant with all the rules and requirements of school transportation—is too of use to the school with traffic flow optimization.

Service provision:

Ours is a door-to-door transport service, within the urban perimeter (northbound, between the 128th and 220th streets, and between the Autopista Norte and Carrera 79, and also the school surroundings; southbound, at the intersection of La Esperanza and Boyacá avenues; and downtown, bordering the Eastern Hills). Routes outside of the stablished urban perimeter are subject to verification and prior study in order to assign a specific bus stop.

To effectuate a route change, as a parent you must:

1. Submit a letter to the treasury indicating any of the following aspects:
– Change or modification of pick-up and/or drop-off address (including route zero).
– Uptake of or withdrawal from the school transport service.
The following data should be disclosed in said letter: location (address and neighborhood, among others), parents’ information, and contact numbers.
2. Fill out the “Cambio de ruta” form (SS-P02-F06) at the treasury.
3. Make the respective deposit.
4. Wait three (3) business days to receive an update on your process.

NOTE: Should you have balance in your favor at the time of changing to route zero, as a parent you should pay off the respective amount and deliver a letter to the treasury requesting a refund.


RECUERDE: Contamos con un sistema GPS satelital para nuestro parque automotor, supervisado y monitoreado en la central de transportes por el coordinador Nelson Méndez (Tel. 317 321 8635).

We can thus follow closely and in each determined moment our buses’ route paths and pickup and drop-off times. Each vehicle possesses a mobile phone as well.


This type of change is not allowed at any time, since the quota of each vehicle must be verified, and also each student's schedule is monitored.

If you are the same person authorized to pick them up, you could do so at another student on the route’s designated location. The bus cannot be stopped anyplace, let alone at an unauthorized spot.

This service is not provided because each vehicle already has its set quota and route.

First, send a letter with the student’s complete data, contact numbers, and new address, specifying the date required for the change.

Second, make the payment at the treasury. And, third, fill out the form handed to you at the front desk. After filing these 3 documents, the change will be legalized within 3 to 5 business days.

No. Depending on the site, several vehicles may pass by later, but only one is assigned to pick up students in that sector. The others are already on their way from picking up other children further away and already satisfy their quota.

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