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Montessori British School

Extraordinario Reencuentro de Exalumnos

El pasado y el presente se encuentran en éste emotivo reencuentro de exalumnos. Read more »

Distruta en el Sandwich Cooperation

Unete a nosotros frente a la cafetería para una mañana llena de deliciosos sándwiches, buena compañía y apoyo a nuestros futuros líderes empresariales. ¡No te lo pierdas! Read more »

Proceso de Matrícula Año Académico 2024-2025

Recordemos cómo realizar el proceso de matrícula para el nuevo año académico en MBS con este sencillo tutorial paso a paso. Read more »

Celebración de la Semana del Idioma Español en MBS

Esta celebración no solo sirvió para reforzar el amor por el idioma español, sino también para destacar su importancia como parte integral de nuestra identidad cultural. Read more »

Junior Fest 2024

Los padres presentes no pudieron ocultar su orgullo al ver a sus hijos demostrar sus habilidades en cada instrumento. Read more »

Treasures of the Ocean 2024

Through this fascinating story, the shared responsibility to protect the environment and conserve the natural beauty of our seas was highlighted. Read more »

Semaine de la Francophonie 2024

Francophonie Week was the perfect opportunity to explore the traditions and customs of French-speaking countries up close. Read more »

Music Talent Show 2024

It was an event to remember, showcasing the incredible talent and creativity that thrives within the MBS community. Read more »

Montessori Circus 2023-2024

Those present at the Montessori Theater could not contain their excitement and pride at seeing the little protagonists shine on stage. Read more »

Juegos Binacionales 2024

At MBS, we are proud to welcome our talented athletes, who represented us at the Binational Games in Armenia. Read more »

Radio and Tv programs- 3rd Grade

If you wish to listen to the recordings of our talented students, we invite you to visit our website. Read more »

English Language at MBS

Our Montessori British School students exhibited remarkable growth in their English language proficiency through a series of events. Read more »

Pi Day 2024

From preschool through eleventh grade, our students immersed themselves in a fun and educational day at our institution in honor of Pi Day. Read more »

Éxito en la X Feria Universitaria Virtual de MBS

The Virtual University Fair was a resounding success, providing our students and their families with the information they need to make informed decisions about their future. Read more »

A Day At The Farm 2024

We discovered the secrets of farm life, explored with infectious laughter, and created indelible memories with our Earls friends in preschool. Read more »

Dancing Talent Show 2024

Our Dancing Talent Show event at the Montessori Theater was an explosion of talent where our students, from fourth through eleventh grade, showcased their skills with grace and passion. Read more »