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Partnerships overseas

We open the gates to the whole world.


18 Languages

1. Spiritual language

The spiritual language is one of silence and of encounters and conversations with ourselves, in order to connect with that superior intelligence considered by many to be God.

2. Emotional language

The language of emotions is universal. We teach students to understand their own in order to understand the world around them. We rely on music, which we teach professionally at  our school..

3. English language

We teach our students an academic English that allows them to enroll at prestigious universities in England, the United States, and Canada. This is proven by our outstanding performance in the University of Cambridge’s examination, which all our students undertake.

4. Mandarin language

We are a Confucius Classroom, with ample Mandarin-speaking academic personnel. Due to their excellent level, our students receive scholarships every year to participate in camps in China.

5. French language

We teach French and French culture from an academic approach, and all of our students graduate with a certificate from the Alliance Française. This is important, since the French government offers postgraduate scholarships for French-speaking students.

6. Spanish language

Delving into our mother tongue is fundamental, for good writing and public speaking skills trigger the success of our students.

7. Creative language

We teach in a creative environment. At our school, no classroom is the same as the other, and our creative methodology aims to create experiences and surprise our students. We also demand creativity through a wide range of projects created by our students.

8. Mathematical language

Our students master the language of mathematics, which enables them to solve and face challenges in any domain. This is further proven by our Math Olympics and our results in the SABER state exams.

9. Language of understanding

Being able to understand history as a cyclical movement that repeats itself allows us to recontextualize it in the lives of our students. That is the magic of teaching at the Montessori British School.

10. Language of entrepreneurship and money

Mastering the language of money is important: learning how to obtain it and the role it should play in our lives is essential to our happiness and well-being.

11. Scientific language

As biological beings, our body is a "chemical laboratory". At the Montessori British School, our students learn scientific language to implement it in their life decisions, as a useful and indispensable tool.

12. Audiovisual language

Today everything is conveyed through audiovisual media, and our students learn it by handling high-definition video and photographic cameras.

13. Body language

The body is one with the mind: the more we comprehend it, the more intelligent we become. Therefore, we study this language intensely, as showcased in our students’ onstage artistic abilities.

14. Ancestral language

Understanding the legacy of our ancestors, situating "the word circle" in different contexts, recognizing the importance of our elders in the family and in society, and being one with nature are essential qualities of Montessori

15. Language of the future

Every child dreams of having an “all-purpose” robot: here at the Montessori British School, we make this dream come true, teaching them algorithms and coding from a very young age.

16. Language of nature

Nature has its own laws and language. If we understand the whispering of the trees, the plants, and the animals, not only will we become one with nature but also with all the benefits it contributes to, such as our health and well-being.

17. Oratory

Being able to convey a message orally is very important, more so today than ever. From a very young age, all our students are trained to express themselves in public, with eloquence and confidence.

18. Culinary language

Each culture seeks to express meaning with food. With extensive knowledge and appreciation of foreign cuisines, all our students prepare for the various challenges of everyday gastronomy in all the places of the world that they will be able to visit or inhabit one day.

5 reasons to choose

us Academic excellence  The best premises  Location and times  Integrity  Our students 

Academic excellence

Academic excellence is so important at our school that our students choose their university, without their having to be otherwise chosen.

The  best  premises

Premises are important, for they host children most of their weekly hours. Therefore, ours are original, creative, and accordant with our educational project.

Location and times

Time is a non-renewable resource: a child is only a child for mere 10 years, thus we take the most advantage of this part of their lives.


Our school’s staff, be it administrative or academic, is our primary asset.

Our students

The students of the school are special, committed, and big-hearted beings.

Articles of interest: MBS leads, everyone follows

The Montessori British School achieved 8th place in the Saber-Icfes tests in Bogotá, all while being a school in which the students’ artistic side is both cultivated and developed since childhood—we are, without a doubt, a seedbed of exportable talents.


Would you like your child to study in a magical world of learning in which each classroom transports them to different parts of the world, they speak different languages, and they can live creative and unforgettable experiences? At the Montessori British School, we are certain of the benefits of the stimulation of creativity since an early age; therefore, our school aims at creation through dynamic and innovative classes that incentivize our children’s senses


In recent decades, with the rise and advance of technology, entrepreneurship has become one of the most important pillars to achieve professional and personal success.


We have created a list of values, elements, practices, and skills that our children must carry in their life’s backpack in order to face the future.


Languages are indispensable for the citizens of a globalized world, for multinationals and enterprises are in need not only of polyglot team members, but also familiar with and adaptable to other cultures. Knowing various languages will guarantee for your child multiple competitive and professional advantages.


Entering this school suffices to begin a journey through history and learning. Each place, space, hall, and object has been designed in such a way that the student or visitor will feel like they are in a museum that pays tribute to the grand characters of the great events of world history.


Claudia Díaz, Montessori British School principal, recently created a blog ( for parents from around the world who are interested in their children’s being happier and fully impervious to bullying. They will therein find the “vaccine” against this phenomenon that affects our children’s personal development today.


Creativity, the trigger for success: how to choose a school that actually teaches it?
We spoke with Claudia Díaz, Montessori British School principal, seeking how to find out if a school promotes creativity, and she gave us the following tips for parents.


Claudia Díaz, Montessori British School headmistress and expert in pedagogy—with multiple master’s degrees from renowned universities like MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Northwestern University—, describes the fatal mistakes parents should avoid at the time of choosing the best school for their children.


We asked Claudia Díaz, headmistress at Montessori British School—an institution of great prestige in our country—, and this is her answer:

“Parents are looking for ‘the best school’, and my task as headmistress is precisely the same: to run the best school.


This phenomenon has increased in teenagers due to the way our generation is raising their children. Today's parents have the desire that "their children not suffer what they suffered"


Bio-education is an education for life. At the Montessori British School, we try to ensure that teaching surges within a real context and can be implemented in the lives of each of our students. READ MORE

Claudia Díaz, principal of the prestigious Montessori British School (Bogotá), maintains that choosing a school for one’s child is the most important decision, on which the future depends. She compiled the following list for parents to take into account during decision-making.


We asked Claudia Díaz, Montessori British School principal, about the five most important things that children should learn when they are young, and this is what she answered:


All parents look for, cultivate, and defend the joy of their children, even when the key issue resides in the smallest of things and in the good attitude we have towards everyday challenges and obstacles.


At the Montessori British School, children are not taught one language, but four: English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish. And this program’s efficiency is demonstrated by the overwhelming results in the Cambridge, Alliance Française, YCT (Mandarin), and Saber 11 tests. We interviewed school principal Claudia Díaz to learn more about this initiative.


Claudia Díaz is not like any other headmistress, neither in appearance nor in her way of thinking. She herself confessed to us that when she enters the United States and explains that she is the head of Montessori British School, she is always told that she does not look the part, because the stereotype that many of us hold true does not become her. She looks young, modern, and very athletic.


At Montessori British School, robotics is taught from age 5.


We spoke to Claudia Díaz, the Montessori British School principal, who is determined to ensure her students’ health by means of education, and we are sure that this innovative method will serve as inspiration for many schools around the world.


Claudia Díaz, the Montessori British School principal, encourages a lifestyle transformation for both students and their families. What does this mean?, and how does she do it? She supports a transcendent education she calls education for life: one compatible with academic performance. This is evidenced by her students’ excellent results, almost always top-notch performances, in the Saber 11 tests, Cambridge International Examinations, DELF (French proficiency tests), and YCT examinations (Mandarin proficiency tests).


Education is the most important gift you will give your child, as it will define their life. And your visit to an educational institution is key, since in it you will be able to observe if there is actually coherence between
"what is said and what is done."


The subject of money is often controversial because, even though as parents we want our children to "have it", through many of our everyday expressions we send the wrong message. Proof of this are phrases like: "That's business" or "The only thing that matters to them is money", uttered daily by many parents, without much idea of ​​their implications.


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