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Montessori British School

Our mission

We base our education on creativity and expression.

Somos un mundo sorprendente de aprendizaje, que acompaña y forma a niños y jóvenes para el viaje de sus vidas. Aquí, las altas expectativas académicas, la innovación, la interculturalidad, los valores y la perfección detallista son las herramientas que, guiadas por un equipo humano comprometido con la excelencia, forjan un camino al éxito. Su destino… Trascender la humanidad

Our vision

By 2025, we will continue to be an educational community the students of which are recognized nationally and internationally as a result of the implementation of different learning methods. Their high academic levels, their innovation, and charismatic human potential are essential factors for them to eventually access the best universities in Colombia and the world and to lead initiatives that improve their quality of life and that of their social environment.

Quality policy

Our institution is known for offering multilingual educational services (Spanish, English, French, and Mandarin) emphasizing artistic and recreational activities, at preschool, primary, middle, and secondary school levels. We make use of functional environments to raise competent and happy students, and we are certified by ISO 9001, AdvancED, and Cambridge, among others, in search of excellence and improvement of our processes.

Environmental policy

All the Montessori British School departments are committed to preventing pollution and promoting environmentally safe spaces, controlling the environmental impact of all our processes and activities in accordance with current environmental legislation and sustainable development.

All our environmental activities will rely on sufficient human, physical, and financial resources for their own execution and continuous meliorating.

Our whole educational community and all interested parties will be obliged to protect the environment and comply with regulations, proceedings, and other environmental requisites defined by our own environmental guidelines.

Policy of

road safety

Montessori British School is committed to implementing a road safety plan that allows identification, evaluation, and control of all risks involved in inner and outer routes. We will then elaborate awareness strategies that promote calm and security among all members of our Montessori community.

Accordingly, senior management is committed to:

  • Complying with the National Traffic Act, Law 1503 of 2011, and Resolution 1565 of 2014.
  •  Guaranteeing our Montessori British School students adequate transport from, and to, different locations.
  • Upholding our parking lot’s preventive and corrective maintenance procedures,so as to avoid accidents that could hurt passengers and/or third parties.
  • Scheduling training and raising awareness among our employees on accident prevention and respect for traffic signs.
  • Keeping track of our road-safety plan’s strategic activities and continuously improving them.

Institutional documents

Quality handbook

Concerning all our institution’s departments directly involved with the quality management system.

Environmental handbook

Concerning the mitigation of the environmental impact of our institution’s activities.

Strategic road-safety plan:

Concerning the Montessori British School road safety plan and the resolution of possible problems related to traffic and transport.

Plano General

All our premises’ spaces, designed and thought out to create and innovate.

Coexistence handbook

Concerning the rules of behavior and proceedings we all should comply with as an educational community.

Process chart

Concerning the specific order of all the processes undertaken by our institution.

Organization chart

Concerning our institution’s departments, displayed in a circular fashion.