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Montessori British School

The MBS Polar Express 2023 Christmas Show

 A captivating journey through the talent and cultural diversity of the students. Read more »

Happy Holidays 2023

In this special season, we want to wish all of you, who are part of the MBS family, a Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year. Read more »

Chocolate Houses 2023

MBS community immersed in the magic of the holiday season with the "Chocolate Houses" event, an initiative that brought together families in a unique and joyful experience. Read more »

The Nightmare Before Christmas 2023

The second-grade students at MBS staged an extraordinary theater production inspired by the famous movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Read more »

Science Day 2023

Creativity, open-mindedness, and the willingness to explore the unknown are key in the scientific world! Read more »

Thanksgiving Day 2023

Thanksgiving has become a tradition for us to reflect on how fortunate and blessed we are. Read more »

We open the doors to a world of possibility

We hosted prestigious educational institutions from Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, France, and many other countries. Read more »

Around the World 2023

This unforgettable event took us on a journey around the world with the story of two brave friends. It was an unforgettable experience full of talent, dedication and joy. Read more »

MBS’ Emotional Workout

Discover the synergy between sports and emotions on an unforgettable day! We look forward to welcoming you with open arms on December 2nd at 8 a.m.! Read more »

Learning for Teaching

 Montessori British School students' social-service program is known as 'Learning for Teaching'. Its goal is to raise social awareness among our young men and women through community work.Read more »

Promo Fire Fest 2023

Feel free to invite all your friends and acquaintances to enjoy together. Admission is free. What you are about to see will fill you with magic and joy.Read more »

The preschool on the Move festival

The Preschool on the Move festival was a day of learning and joy for the whole family; a reminder of how much our little ones have grown and developed their skills.Read more »

Fantasy Day 2023

During Fantasy Day, our students can become whoever they want to be and unleash their imagination to the fullest.Read more »

Natural National Parks Day

Today, November 9th, we come together to celebrate a special occasion that has been observed since 1960: Natural National Parks Day.Read more »

Specialization Showcases

Eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh-grade students demonstrated their talents in music, dance, and art during the specialization showcases.Read more »

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2023

Fourth-grade students are gearing themselves up for a magical show filled with fantasy, dreams, imagination, and candy.Read more »

MBS 2023 School Election

Student participation was high, as everyone exercised their right to vote. Read more »

Around the World Promo

This is the story of two brave friends who embark on an adventure around the world. Read more »

¡The Your World Video Competition está de regreso!

Lights, camera, action! This is your moment for stardom! Read more »

VEX IQ Challenge

We invite sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students to assemble their teams and participate in this edition of the VEX IQ competition. Read more »

On the move Festival

See you at MBS on October 21 for fun family activities. Read more »

2023 - 2024 Parents Council

We wish to welcome the new members of our Parents Council, duly elected through an online vote. Read more »

Successful first Parent School of the year

Montessori British School held this school year's first Parents' Workshop, it was a great success. Read more »

Welcome breakfast 2023

With a delicious and healthy breakfast, we welcomed Montessori British School's new parents. Read more »

MBS featured in El Tiempo

In order to choose these schools, both public and private, A and B calendar... Read more »

MBS in Semana magazine 

For 20 years, Montessori British School has continuously devised a model that transcends traditional education.... Read more »

What do you like the most about MBS?

The place where dreams become goals, and curiosity becomes the motor of learning. Read more »

Join our 2023-2024 Parent Council!

Join our 2023-2024 Parent Council! Read more »