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Montessori British School

Staff Induction and Training at MBS

We are excited to kick off a new and promising academic year at Montessori British School. Read more »

Middle and High-School Final Projects

In each of these projects, our MBS youth demonstrate their passion, creativity, and commitment. Read more »

Primary-School Final Projects

At MBS, we have witnessed the creativity, ingenuity, and cooperative spirit of our first through fifth graders. Read more »

Second-Grade Short-Story Fair

These talented little ones unleash their creativity and transport us to magical places full of intrigue and action. Read more »

Montessori British School's XI Model United Nations

MUN conferences are the perfect place to learn about international politics, human rights, and sustainability. Read more »

Your World video competition winners

Our students were declared winners of the Your World video competition at a national level. Read more »

Our little polyglots

Our preschool students showcased all their wonderful skills in the different languages we teach at Montessori British School... Read more »

Alice in wonderland

Transition's artistic performance brought the magic, joy, and adventure of Wonderland to Montessori British School. Read more »

DJ Revolution 2023

Electronic and pop music arrived at Montessori British School to shake the bodies of our sixth grade students. Read more »

Growing Together

Hand in hand with the Psychology and Coexistence departments, our MBS community carried out its Growing Together campaign.
Read more »

MBS Sports Festival

Physical activity has become a reason for our families to come together, thanks to the MBS Sports Festival. Read more »

Colombia Viva 2023

Third grade depicted all the splendor of Colombia's cultural and folkloric richness in their "Colombia Viva" performance. Read more »

English Day 2023

Our MBS community showcased all its creativity during English Day, by means of fun activities in class and during breaks. Read more »

Conference on computer crimes

Fifth- to eleventh-grade students at MBS attended a conference on computer crimes and the prevention of psychoactive-substance use. Read more »

Spanish Language Week

Our students and our whole school community contemplated the artwork derived from the reading plan and were, thus, reminded that Spanish is a living language in constant evolution. Read more »

Treasures of the Ocean

Ocean creatures took over the Montessori Theatre: mermaids, algae, octopuses, fish, and starfish were all part of 1st grade's show. Read more »

World Recycling Day

May 17 is World Recycling Day: a date to raise awareness of how important proper waste sorting and disposal are to protect the environment. Read more »

In compliance with our Coexistence Handbook, the tenth-grade representative and the Student-Council representative have been ousted from their positions. Read more »

Our Young Journalists

Our third-grade MBS students have the opportunity to become presenters of their very own TV show. Read more »

Earth Day 2023

Our MBS students were very active on Earth Day and participated in a variety of environmental activities during their breaks. Read more »

Sandwich Cooperation 2023

Our young sixth-grade entrepreneurs showcased all their business skills at The Sandwich Cooperation. Read more »

MBS Laughing Stool

At Montessori British School, our students learn English in very creative ways, as demonstrated by tenth-grade students. Read more »

The Movie Club 2022-2023

Our seventh-grade students let their talent shine on stage in "The Movie Club". Read more »

Binational Games Cartagena

Our outstanding MBS athletes from the women's volleyball and men's football teams participated in the XXIX ACCAS Binational Games, in Cartagena. Read more »

2023 Francophony Week

During Francophony Week, our whole Montessori British School community participated in different activities during breaks and French classes. Read more »

Montessori Circus 2023

Our "Montessori Circus" was a great and incredible show. Dukes and Little-Dukes students filled the stage with magic and colors.
Read more »

A Day at the Farm 2023

Our Earls preschoolers showcased their great talent on stage during their play "A Day at the Farm".
Read more »
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